Savannah's Haven

Family Home & Day Care for Adults with Special Needs

Savannah's Haven

5872 S Indiana Ave, Cudahy, WI 53110

Licensed Assisted Living in Cudahy, Wisconsin

About Us

Welcome to Savannah’s Haven, where we provide supportive services to adults with special needs. Our services include 24/7 assisted residential Adult Family Home living and a small group Adult Day Care Program. We also offer a short term stay to allow primary care givers a reprieve to self-care. We are in Southeastern Milwaukee County and easily accessible.

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Day Care

Savannah’s Haven – Adult Day Care, a compassionate and vibrant sanctuary designed to enrich the lives of our cherished community members. At Savannah’s Haven, we understand the importance of providing a nurturing and engaging environment that caters to the unique needs of adults who may require assistance or companionship during the day. Our dedicated team is committed to ensuring a safe, stimulating, and supportive space where individuals can thrive.

Family Home

Savannah’s Haven, a licensed Assisted Living located in the serene heart of Cudahy, Wisconsin. At Savannah’s Haven, we understand the importance of a true home, especially when it comes to providing specialized care for your loved ones. Our dedicated team of highly trained professionals is committed to offering unparalleled support to young to middle-aged adults with Developmental, Cognitive, Traumatic Brain Injury, or other special needs

Director of Care

Renee, Our Director of Care, is a state licensed Registered Nurse with a passion for providing exceptional quality of care to those individuals with special needs. Renee has 25 years’ experience in patient advocacy, early detection of illness and symptom management. She has a strong background in health coaching, education, nutrition, and the prevention of disease.