Savannah's Haven

Savannah's Haven

5872 S Indiana Ave, Cudahy, WI 53110

Family Home

Family Home

For Adults With Special Needs

Welcome to Savannah’s Haven, a licensed Assisted Living located in the serene heart of Cudahy, Wisconsin. At Savannah’s Haven, we understand the importance of a true home, especially when it comes to providing specialized care for your loved ones. Our dedicated team of highly trained professionals is committed to offering unparalleled support to young to middle-aged adults with Developmental, Cognitive, Traumatic Brain Injury, or other special needs.
Our mission is to create a warm and inviting environment that fosters a sense of belonging and security. We go beyond the traditional assisted living experience by tailoring our services to the unique needs of each resident. Whether your loved one requires assistance with daily tasks, has specific medical needs, or simply seeks a nurturing atmosphere, Savannah’s Haven is here to provide compassionate care.
Nestled in a tranquil neighborhood in Cudahy, our residence offers a peaceful retreat while remaining conveniently close to downtown and southeastern suburbs of Milwaukee. The location provides easy access to parks, public transportation, restaurants, and shopping, ensuring that our residents can engage in the community and maintain an active lifestyle.

At Savannah’s Haven, we prioritize the well-being of our residents, emphasizing trust, security, and respect. Our residents are not just individuals receiving care; they are integral members of our community, each with their unique preferences and interests. To enhance their quality of life, we offer a variety of social and recreational activities tailored to their choices, promoting engagement and fostering a sense of joy.

Experience the difference of a home-like environment where genuine care and understanding form the foundation of everything we do. Choose Savannah’s Haven for specialized assisted living that goes beyond expectations, providing not just a place to stay, but a true haven for those who matter most.

At Savannah’s Haven Assisted Living, our mission is to create a nurturing environment where residents can thrive, fostering independence, dignity, and a sense of belonging. We believe in personalized care that goes beyond meeting physical needs, emphasizing emotional well-being and social engagement.

Comprehensive Services

Personalized Care Plans

Our experienced and compassionate staff collaborates with residents and their families to create personalized care plans tailored to individual needs and preferences. We focus on maintaining and enhancing each person’s quality of life.

Cozy Home Atmosphere

Savannah’s Haven Assisted Living is not just a facility; it’s a home. We provide a cozy, family-like environment that promotes a sense of security and comfort. Our residents enjoy the benefits of a community that feels like home, fostering social connections and a supportive atmosphere.

Developmental Support

For individuals with developmental needs, we offer specialized support to enhance life skills and encourage independence. Our team is trained to provide patient and understanding care, promoting personal growth and self-esteem.

Cognitive Enrichment Programs

Savannah’s Haven Assisted Living is committed to keeping minds active and engaged. Our cognitive enrichment programs are designed to stimulate mental faculties, promote cognitive health, and provide a sense of accomplishment.

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Care

We understand the unique challenges faced by those with traumatic brain injuries. Our staff is trained to provide specialized care, focusing on rehabilitation, cognitive support, and creating a safe environment for residents with TBI.

Specialized Activities

To enhance the overall well-being of our residents, we offer a variety of specialized activities and therapies. From art and music therapy to recreational outings, we strive to create a well-rounded and fulfilling lifestyle.

Services include

Assistance with laundry, shopping, transportation, delicious and nutritious meal preparation, medication monitoring and reminders, personal hygiene, healthy lifestyle choices, and the development of life and productivity skills. Assistance is given with respect to the individual’s abilities, interests, and preference.

Our Commitment to Excellence

At Savannah’s Haven Assisted Living, we pride ourselves on the excellence of our care services. Our team is not just a staff; we are a family dedicated to ensuring the well-being of every resident. We understand that each individual is unique, and our commitment is to tailor our support to meet their specific needs.

Expertise and Compassion

Our staff comprises highly trained professionals who not only bring expertise in their respective fields but also embody a deep sense of compassion. We believe that compassionate care is at the heart of creating an environment where residents feel valued, understood, and truly at home.

Community Integration

Situated in the heart of Cudahy, Wisconsin, Savannah’s Haven is more than a residence; it’s an integral part of the community. Residents have easy access to parks, public transportation, restaurants, and shopping, fostering a sense of connection to the vibrant surroundings.

A Focus on Quality of Life

Beyond meeting the immediate needs of our residents, we prioritize their overall quality of life. Our holistic approach encompasses physical, emotional, and social well-being. From personalized care plans to a diverse array of activities, our aim is to enrich the lives of our residents in every possible way.

Your Invitation to Discover

We invite you to experience the Savannah’s Haven difference firsthand. Come and tour our facility to witness the warmth of our home atmosphere, meet our dedicated team, and see how our commitment to compassionate care sets us apart. At Savannah’s Haven Assisted Living, we don’t just provide a place to stay; we offer a haven where every resident becomes a cherished member of our extended family. Savannah’s Haven—where care is personal, and compassion knows no bounds.